Machine wrap film, Machine Stretch Film, Pallet Wrap

PE Stretch Wrap

Product Applications

Machine Wrap is
suitable for transportation operations.
Pallet Wrap
 provides pallet packaging.
Machine Wrap has good wrapping capabilities and will not peel off easily once wrapped properly.

Product Features

  • Non-toxic
  • The industrial grade PE stretch wrap manufactured by Nan Ya Taiwan and Nantong plant .No toxic substances (such as lead, Hexavalent chromium, mercury, chromium) or materials with heavy environmental impact are used in any part of production.

  • Lightweight, glossy, transparent, effective protection against moisture and dust.
  • Product has lightweight, glossy, and transparent. Suitable for unitized packaging, pallet packaging, and offers moisture and dust protection.

  • Strong resilience and puncture resistance.
  • Product has softness and ductility, effectively improving product resilience. Puncture resistance protects goods from puncture damage, achieving the goals of goods protection and cost reduction.

  • Good wrapping capabilities.
  • Product has good wrapping capabilities and will not peel off easily once wrapped properly. With the cohesive forces of surface tension between the layers, the product can offer an optimal pallet packaging effect.

  • Reduce labor and improve operation efficiency.
  • Economic and appropriate packaging material. Good product quality reduces chances of peeling and damages, can be used for goods of different shapes and sizes, conserves labor and time costs.

Scope of product applications

    Suitable for unitized packaging, pallet packaging, and transportation operations. Can be used for securing goods, protecting against moisture, and protection for exhibitions.

Gentle Reminder

    1. Products can be used in automated and manual packaging. For automated packaging, products with different ductile strengths and thicknesses can be selected in accordance with the packaging requirements to achieve optimal protection.

    2. The products are made from linear low-density polyethylene, which is a recyclable material and has various recycling channels.

Product Item & Specifications

    Taiwan Plant
  • EU heavy metal, PBB, and PBDEs detection
    Taiwan Plant
  • Thickness:12μ~45μ
  • Width:30cm~300cm
  • Length:300m~2000m/roll
  • China Nantong Plant
  • Thickness:15μ~23μ
  • Width:50cm
  • Length:500m~1000m/roll
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