Formosa Catering Plastic Wrapcatering plastic film, food safe cling film, food packaging film, slide cutter cling film

Catering Plastic Wrap

Product Applications

Formosa food safe cling film
Formosa Food Service Plastic Wrap
Formosa food packaging film

Product Features

  • Conforms to Sanitation Standard for Food Utensils, Containers and Packages.
  • Nan Ya Catering Plastic Wrap conforms to the material requirements stipulated in the Sanitation Standard for Food Utensils, Containers and Packages. The materials used in production are compliant with national standards and the 8 types of phthalates and DEHA plasticizers with health hazards were not used in production.

  • Slide cutter design for easy usage.
  • The product has a slide cutter design (Cutter Box) that allows easy tearing and prevents tangling to ensure ease of wrapping. Users may cut and wrap food easily without using excessive strength on tearing.

  • Excellent anti-fogging properties and transparency.
  • Nan Ya Plastic Wrap features automatic dispersion of water droplets on the film to ensure clear visibility and perception, easy observation of food freshness, improving consumer impression of the goods.

  • Excellent cold resistance and softness, allows secure wrapping.
  • Maintains softness and ductility at low temperature storage, allows complete wrapping without issues of curling or non-sticking.

Scope of product applications

    Used in packaging for outdoor catering services, such as temple festivals, picnics, outdoor parties.

Gentle Reminder

    1.Suitable for use at room temperature or in refrigeration.

    2.Please do not use it to directly wrap greasy foods, such as sausages, cheese, ham, etc.

    3.Not recommended for use in microwave ovens or in direct contact with food at high temperatures.

Product Item & Specifications

    Taiwan Plant
  • Width:40cm
  • Length:100m / roll
  • Vietnam Plant
  • Width:30cm ~ 45cm
  • Length:120m/300m/500m/roll
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