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 Where can I buy Nan Ya PE pallet stretch film for packing?

The company's products are sold by agent dealers. We are pleased to introduce you to one of our agent dealers; please feel free to contact us. Our agent dealers are located in all major regions of the world to assist in sales, and will introduce you to the corresponding agent dealers according to your company location.

 What is PE pallet stretch film for packing?

PE pallet stretch film for packing is one of the products of Plastics Third Division of Nan Ya Plastics Corp. The main component is linear low-density polyethylene resin.

 What environmental protection measures have Nan Ya PE pallet stretch film for packaging taken?

The manufacturing factory has passed ISO14001 certification. No heavy metals such as lead, hexavalent chromium, mercury, cadmium or other materials seriously affecting the environment are used in any step of the production process.

 What are the differences in Nan Ya PE pallet stretch film products when it comes to the purpose of use?

Yes. The different types of PE film for pallet packing are: power pre-stretch film (double-sided adhesion, high toughness, anti-static, and inner surface adhesive), mechanical packaging (double-sided adhesion, high firmness, low noise, inner surface adhesion, and outer surface adhesion), and hand packaging (double-sided adhesion, high firmness, inner surface adhesion), etc., which can be chosen according to the purpose of use.

 What is the main purpose of PE pallet stretch film for packing?

It is used for packing goods on the pallet and transportation operations, giving full play to toughness and self-adhesiveness of film,in combination with the tight tension of the winding layers, achieving the best effect of pallet packing.

 Is PE pallet stretch film for packaging recyclable?

Yes. PE pallet stretch film for packing is made of linear low-density polyethylene, and is a recyclable material with various methods of recycling. After treatment, the recycled materials can be reused in plastic bags, stationery, buttons, zippers, and other living appliances, as well as various plastic building tools, plastic doors and windows, mortar buckets. It is also widely used in agriculture, such as manufacturing agricultural film, water pipes, agricultural machinery, fertilizer packaging bags, etc.

 How do I handle PE pallet stretch film for packaging?

When incinerated, no toxic substances will be released. Except for recycling, they can be treated as combustible waste. Please comply with the regulations of the local government in handling household waste plastic products. For commercial processing, it must be disposed of as industrial waste.