Formosa Food Plastic Wrapmeat film, wrapper film, food grade cling film, Heavy Duty Clear Food Grade Plastic Wrap

Food Plastic Wrap

Product Applications

wrapper film
Food Plastic Wrap
Plastic Wrap For Food
Shrink Wrap rolls
Plastic Wrap For Food

Product Features

  • Conforms to Sanitation Standard for Food Utensils, Containers and Packages.
  • The Nan Ya Food Plastic Wrap is compliant with the material requirements stipulated in the Sanitation Standard for Food Utensils, Containers and Packages.

    The materials used in production are compliant with national standards and the 8 types of phthalates and DEHA plasticizers with health hazards were not used in production.

  • Clear and transparent, good anti-fogging properties.
  • Excellent anti-fogging, presents the freshness of food. Suitable for Food Grade Cling Films to retain freshness and prevent loss of moisture.

  • Excellent ductility and softness, allows secure wrapping.
  • Excellent ductility, provides adequate goods protection to reduce damages during transportation. The product can be tightly wrapped without peeling off. Increase packaging efficiency, prevent interference of food smells.

  • Stable quality, product safety is assured.
  • Even thickness, transparent, easily tearable, puncture resistance, conserving time and labor.

Scope of product applications

    Used in markets and supermarkets for packaging of vegetables, fruits, meat, and seafood. Suitable for manual and automated packaging.

Gentle Reminder

    1.Suitable for use at room temperature or in refrigeration.

    2.Please do not use it to directly wrap greasy foods, such as sausages, cheese, ham, etc.

    3.Not recommended for use in microwave ovens or in direct contact with food at high temperatures.

Product Item & Specifications

    Taiwan Plant
  • Thickness:9μ~35μ
  • Width:15cm~145cm
  • Length:250m~3000m / roll
  • Vietnam Plant
  • Thickness:9μ~20μ
  • Width:20cm~90cm
  • Length:300m~3000m / roll
  • China Plant
  • Thickness:10μ~17μ
  • Width:25cm~45cm
  • Length:250m~2000m / roll
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